Princess Camille

Princess Camille is the deuteragonist of Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland. She is King Morpheous's daughter and Nemo's love interest then girlfriend. She is kind, caring and friendly, but at first is hard to impress and may look like she's proper. She has long auburn hair in a ponytail, pink lips, fair skin, blue eyes, a princess crown and an aqua green dress with clear shoulder puffy holding sleeves. She is voiced by Laura Mooney.


Princess Camille is seen playing her harp when Professor Genius announces Nemo to her to be her...playmate. She berates how he brought Icarus, his pet flying squirrel along at first, but admits that she likes him and Nemo. She and Nemo go on a tour of Slumberland during which they fall in love. She later appears at Nemo's coronation as Prince, but is confused of why Nemo had to run for it as soon as it was getting dark. The reason: Flip tempted Nemo into using the key to open the door in which the Nightmare King was trapped in. She was horrified that Flip had tricked her beloved into opening the door and that her father was captured by the Nightmare King. Camille orders Flip to be in the cannon and blasted far away, but changes her mind once Nemo tells him he has the map to Nightmare Land. She appoints Flip to be their guide to Nightmare Land on the condition of no smoking. They get there, but after water goblins and a wave, the map is ruined. Camille, Nemo, Flip and Professor Genius encounter the Boomps, good goblins who offer a safe way to Nightmare Castle where her father is. She along with Flip and Professor Genius get captured by the Nightmare King during a campout leading Nemo along with the Boomps to rescue them. Nemo uses the scepter and kills the Nightmare King, but to the belief of the freed Camille and everyone else that Nemo sacrificed himself. Nemo is awakened by Camille's father's royal scepter and Camille joins Nemo to take him back to New York. They officially become a couple after a first kiss and it is possible that they'll see each other again.



  • Her voice actress Laura Mooney also voices Katie Kaboom on Animaniacs.
  • She has somewhat of a disappearing/reappearing British based accent.
  • Her counterpart in the real world is the circus owner's daughter which means that she can come to Earth as a being of Earth.
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