Princess Anneliese
Princess Anneliese is one of the main protagoniststs of the movie Barbie:The Princess and The Pauper and the main love interest and wife of Julian.

She's promised to King Dominick from a other kingdom, but she dream to be free and marry for love when she was singing her mother appear and tell her that she have to accept the arranged marriage, but one day Julian take her on  a walk in the street. When she heard Erika voice, she see that the girl almost look like her, she promise that she will bring her to her castle for make everybody listen to her singing.

But the princess is kidnapped by Preminger henchmen, she was prisoner in the mine, when she discover the plan of Preminger who want to marry her to ursuping the throne, he finally revealed that he gave up ,but want to marry her mother because she still beautiful for her age. So Julian save her and bring her back to the kingdom where she revealed Preminger evil plan, she then say to her mother that she love Julian and will make a good king, her mother agreed and let her marry Julian.

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