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Prince Edward is the deuteragonist and love interest of Giselle and later Nancy from the Disney movie, Enchanted. He entered the real-world New York City, by Queen Narissa long with Giselle. He keeps thinking the modern-day things are the ones from his adventures. He is played and voiced by James Marsden.



Edward meets Giselle at the beginning, when he saves her from a troll. The two fall in love right away, and Edward declares that they "shall be married in the morning" (this is poking fun at how Disney often believes in love at first sight). The two are getting ready for their wedding, until Giselle is pushed down a magical well by Narissa, and ends up in New York City. Edward, along with a chipmunk Pip, also head down the well in search for her. After finally finding Giselle, he's perplexed that she doesn't harbor the same feelings she had for him earlier but agrees to go on a "date" with Giselle which ends with them going to the "King and Queen's Ball." However, Edward notices that Giselle is not truly returning the feelings for him, and seems to love Robert Philip. When Giselle is given a poison apple, Edward tries to wake her up with true loves kiss, but is unable to. He then realizes that Giselle truly loves Robert, and lets the two be together, after Robert wakes Giselle up.

Nancy Tremaine

There is very little romance shown between Nancy and Edward throughout the movie. However, the two dance together during the "King and Queen's Ball." In the end, when Giselle ends up staying with Robert, Edward and Nancy decide to run away to the fairy tale world together, and the two get married there.

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