Love Interest

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Supernatural season 7




Beauty, immense lust, wealth, elegance




Survive the SucroCorp (failed)

Type of Love Interest

Sexy Love Interest, Damsel in Distress

Polly was the Love Interest of Kevin Tran in Supernatural and she was played by Niki Wipf.


Polly was a cancer patient before she was singled out by the Leviathan Leader who drugged her and brainwashed her into being a lifeless puppet.


Polly was first shown in a Leviathan office in the SucroCorp organization. They were testing Additive 3.0 on remarkably fit, malnourished or intelligent individuals as the Leviathan wanted an obese, moronic race that they could easily control. The Leviathans had already brainwashed Polly so this was easy for them. They bought Polly into the office and left her with Kevin, who immediately fell in love with her.

Kevin asked what Polly was doing in there and she said "Sitting, I guess." She kept chewing gum with no regard to her fate.

Eventually a Leviathan came in and ordered Polly to put on a gray dress enlaced with hairpins. Kevin examined the dress and got anxious for Polly. Upon Kevin telling the Leviathan he had got his burger entirely wrong, the Leviathan abruptly left the office.

As Kevin tried to escape, the Leviathan returned and bought Polly to the main suite of the headquarters where businessman Dick Roman (the Leviathan Leader who had cloned him) told his subordinate Leviathans of his plan to enslave humanity, and Polly lurked sexily in a corner and listened regardless, showing how brainwashed she was as she displayed no emotion or concern. Dick ordered her to strip naked which Polly did. Dick said how Polly was malnourished and really thin and how she would be perfect for his plan. He injected her with the Additive 3.0 and this poisoned Polly, who frothed at the mouth and then fainted, dead. Dick was very pleased with the result and announced soon this would be happening in Los Angeles.


Polly was a cowardly, lustful girl who could not stand up for herself nor do anything on her own. Being brainwashed from a young age she had spent her whole life (in hospital and in SucroCorp) being bossed around by others. Despite her anxiety to look attractive and slender, she always chewed gum.


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