Patty is the Love Interest of Ned Schneebly in School of Rock and she is the Assistant to the Mayor of New York.


Patty seems to only hang around with Ned because they both have good jobs and because they can rely on each other. Patty hates Ned's flatmate Dewey Finn (Jack Black) and she will do anything to land him in trouble. Patty has most of her arguments with him and she seems to think being a rockstar isn't a good choice of career, as she says "Give it up, your band has never made two cents!" Ned used to be a rocker himself and he is the only one who understands Dewey. Ned however tries to say to Dewey he should grow up and take life more seriously. Things get to breaking point when Patty calls the police on Dewey for impersonating Ned at Horace Green school, and almost gets Dewey arrested. In frustration and anger Dewey yells at Patty and she tells him he's a loser. She only stops yelling when Ned breaks off the argument. Then Dewey sinks into a depression and thinks the world's against him. But his band (the kids from Horace Green) come in to give him encouragement. Patty is surprised to see all the kids in her flat. When Ned says he's off to see the gig, Patty scolds him for giving into Dewey's "bullying" and she acts like she's innocent and not manipulating Ned in any way. However, Ned realizes the extent of her manipulation, sighs, and slams the door on her. She breaks up with him afterwards.

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