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Octopussy is the love interest of James Bond from the James Bond film, Octopussy. She is a jewel smuggler who is very wealthy. Her father studied about octopi. Her nickname is Octopussy, but her real name is never revealed. She owns her own circus and floating palace in which she lives. She is first seen when Khan shows her the egg. Her face is unseen and Khan tells her about Bond. He also tells her to kill James Bond, but Octopussy refuses. She first meets James Bond for a few seconds. Her British father had a betrayal that Bond had discovered. She wishes to meet Bond and thank him for delaying the capture of her father long enough for him to save the face by killing himself before his arrest. She and Bond fell in love and leave for the circus train. Bond manages to follow her to the circus and tries to stop the bomb before it blows up to which she doesn't know about the bomb. Bond disguises himself as a clown and tells Magda and Octopussy about the betrayal of Orlov and Khan. She grabs a gun and destroys the location of the bomb and Bond disarms the bomb. Meanwhile in India, her group get their revenge for the betrayal of Khan and they kidnap Octopussy and put her on a private plane. Bond eventually manages to rescue Octopussy by battling Gobinda who falls from the plane to his death. She slaps Khan, but is knocked back to her seat. She escapes with Bond before Khan dies in a plane crash after losing control of the plane, and she is saved again by Bond. The two make love in the end on board Octopussy's boat while Bond has a cast on his foot.

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