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Nina is the princess of the Wyndia , she appear when Ryu visit the palace to see the king, but the king was poisoned because he refuse to ally himself with the black dragon leader, Nina concerned by her father illness decide to go search the remedy.

Ryu is authorized by her to sleep in the castle, as the player take the role of Nina who decide to go face the wizard of Karma to save her father, two Wyndian soldiers join her in her quest , but she is then captured by the wizard who kill the two soldiers, but one of them suvive long enough to tell everyone that their princess was captured by the wizard.

Wich Ryu go to rescue her since he is not a winged person he is not affected by the Xeon gaz, as he save Nina after defeat the wizard she finally save her father and decide to go with Ryu to his quest against Zog. They meet other characters who join them also to fight against zog, she is the last character to say goodbye to Ryu when their mission is over.

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