270px-Natalya Simonova Profile

Natalya Simonova is the love interest of James Bond from the James Bond film, GoldenEye.  She works as a Level 2 programmer at the Severnaya facility of the Russian Space Forces on work involving missile guidance systems.  When General Ouromov and Xenia Onatopp destroy the station with a stolent Tiger helicopter.  She survives next to Boris Grishenko who allied himself with Alec Trevelyan.  She then meets Bond and the two get captured by Trevelyan and the helicopters fires missiles at itself and Bond ejects himself and Natalya, but are arrested by the Russian government.  Bond finally becomes free, but loses Natalya in the process.  He then rescues Natalya from Trevelyan and the two fell in love with each other.  The two entered Cuba and the two assault Trevelyans satellite base.  Natalya is able to prevent the rogue satellite Mischa from sending an electromagnetic pulse to destroy London.  She then enters the computer room and resets the satellite's course to cause a burn up over the Atlantic Ocean and destroys the GoldenEye satellite and Bond kills Trevelyan and the two leave in a helicopter at the end of the film.

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