Miss Martian (real name M'gann M'orzz and alias Megan Morse) is the niece of Martian Manhunter and is one of the founding members of the Team in Young Justice. She is also the adoptive sister of Beast Boy and the main love interest of Superboy.


When Miss Martian first arrived on Earth she is shown to be kind, caring, sweet, polite and somewhat naive. She already knew a suitable amount about Earth and it's customs, but was still unfamiliar and would sometimes use her normal Martian customs and instincts. When she first joined the Team, she felt self-conscious, feeling out of place as everyone had already grown close to each other when the Team was formed and compared to everyone else she was a rookie and inexperienced. However, as time passed, Miss Martian grew to become more confident and experienced, soon becoming a reliable teammate during missions. She is also known to be shy sometimes as she had trouble expressing her romantic feelings for Superboy, which would sometimes lead to embarrassing or awkward situations.

Five years later, Miss Martian has now become a senior member of the team, becoming more serious and experienced whether fighting super villains or understanding Earth customs. Miss Martian also becomes a mentor figure to younger members of the Team and is calm and collected in difficult situations while still remaining kind and caring. Miss Martian remains loyal to her friends and still continues to deeply care for them, shown several times as she congratulated Wonder Girl for succeeding an important mission and happily welcomed Artemis back to the Team. Miss Martian has also developed a close relationship with Beast Boy who becomes her adoptive brother and comforts him whenever he is reminded of the murder of his mother. Overall, Miss Martian has grown into a stronger and confidant person, but still remains true to herself, remaining reliable, caring, determined and a serious member of the Team.

However, Miss Martian's personality has also taken a rather dark turn. Upon mastering her powers, Miss Martian has begun using them extremely aggressively as she begins probing the minds of the villains to gain information, ultimately leaving them in catatonic states. Miss Martian refuses to acknowledge her wrongly use of her powers and defends herself whenever questioned or confronted. Miss Martian's rough use of her powers grew to the point where she willingly attempted to tamper with Superboy's mind in order to save their relationship, but completely backfired on her that instead resulted in her completely destroying and ruining their relationship altogether. Despite it being intentionally her own fault, Miss Martian continued to refuse and accept her own mistakes and choices, always reminding Superboy he was the one who chose to end the relationship, but never accepted it was her own fault which led to it ending. Miss Martian continued to become slightly more selfish, leading her to begin dating Lagoon Boy, seeing he made her feel better about her herself and everything she had been doing in her life. However, Miss Martian would have moments of guilt and remorse, listening to Superboy expressing his deeply hurt feelings of her selfish and deeply hurtful actions towards him.

Eventually, Miss Martain would later confront her mistakes and actions. During a mission to rescue several captured teammates, Miss Martian met Aqualad and in a fit of rage over his actions that led to Artemis being "killed", she attacked his mind, leaving him catatonic. However, upon attacking him, she learned the entire real truth about his and Artemis' deep undercover mission, leading her to become completely shocked and ashamed of herself. Since the incident, Miss Martian became afraid to use her powers as shown during an incident with Despero, she refused to use them, still feeling the shame and guilt for what she had done to Aqualad. Eventually, Miss Martian finally began to at long last right her mistakes, beginning when she was finally able to reuse her powers after forgiving herself and apologizing to Aqualad. She continued to fix her mistakes, finally ending her rouge use of powers, vowing to never again use them aggressively, finally realizing how truly damaging and terrible her powers can be when used wrongly. Overall, Miss Martian finally managed to accept responsibility for all her actions and mistakes, leading her to reconcile and resume her relationship with Superboy.


When Miss Martian arrived on Earth, she had to adopt a human appearance and chose the form of teenage, Marie Logan, the actress portraying the character, Megan Wheeler from the television show, Hello Megan. She is shown to have green skin with freckles and sports long brown hair and eyes. Miss Martian's original costume includes a white shoulder length shirt with a red X in the centre. Miss Martian's costume includes a blue skirt with a matching cape and gloves. During covert operations, she wears an black jumpsuit, with a cape and hood for camouflage. In the second season, five years later, Miss Martian has shorter hair and now wears her camouflage outfit at all times.


Miss Martian was born on Mars 48 Earth years ago. She is a White Martian, daughter of her mother, a Green Martian and her father, a White Martian. Aside from her parents, Miss Martian has a total of twelve sisters and seventeen brothers almost of all of whom are Green Martians, except for herself and one of her brothers. Growing up on Mars was difficult and harsh for Miss Martian due to the fact she is a White Martian. Red and Green Martian's are known to treat White Martian as under class citizens and thus were treated cruelly and unfairly. Due to this, Miss Martian had a lonely childhood and receive constant rejection. During her time there, she began watching an Earth television show called Hello Megan her uncle sent from Earth to teach and show Martians how humans live and what they are generally like. Miss Martian became a fan of the shown and became especially drawn towards the main character, Megan Wheeler and also developed a strong liking to Earth in the process. Since then, Miss Martian had desired to leave Mars and someday travel to Earth.

Eventually, when her uncle J'onn J'onzz had visited Mars, Miss Martian secretly snuck aboard onto his Bio-Ship and travel with him back to Earth. Upon properly meeting her and after gaining the approval of her parents, Miss Martian has since began living on Earth with her uncle. Months later when covert Team for the Justice League was formed, Miss Martian quickly joined them and began living in Mount Justice alongside Superboy whom she quickly developed romantic feelings upon their first meeting. She also began to attend Happy Harbor High School alongside Superboy and they both gained human names. While Superboy chose the name Conner Kent, Miss Martian took on the name, Megan Morse. However, since joining the team, Miss Martian has kept her true Martian form a secret from her teammates, afraid they will abandon and reject her the same way she was treated on Mars.



Superboy and Miss Martian first met each other when the newly formed team discovered that Miss Martian would be joining them. They soon befriended each other and Miss Martian quickly developed romantic feelings for him. However, they soon got off to a rocky start when Miss Martian used her powers to telepathically speak to Superboy, trying to comfort him as he didn't have a real name, but it backfired as Superboy lashed out at her as he developed a hatred for telepathy. However, he soon came to regret how he acted, but didn't know how to apologize. Eventually, their relationship worsened as during the fight against Mister Twister, Miss Martian made a lot of mistakes and thus Superboy became very mad and harsh on her, later telling her to stay out of the way. However, after discovering the truth about Mister Twister, Miss Martian managed to inform the Team and thus saved the day. Later back at the Cave, Superboy, taking earlier advice from Aqualad, managed to apologize to Miss Martian for how he acted.

Eventually, their relationship soon improved as Superboy also developed romantic feelings for Miss Martian. However, although they both felt the same way towards one another, they were too nervous to confess how they really felt. Since both were too scared to confess their true feelings, it made them realize they had competition from other teammates, Kid Flash and Artemis as they openly showed romantic feelings for Miss Martian and Superboy. Neither Miss Martian or Superboy showed any signs of returning either of their feelings and instead M'gann and Conner's own feelings for each other grew stronger through their missions together. During one mission, they grew even more closer as Miss Martian restored Superboy's memories after an attack by Psimon, a psychic villain. Together they both managed to stop him and even came close to sharing their first kiss until they were interrupted by Sphere, who Superboy decided to adopt. They also attended Happy Harbor High School and when they needed to choose names for themselves, Miss Martian was responsible for choosing Superboy's new name, Conner Kent.

Eventually, Miss Martian and Superboy finally became a couple when they had to go uncover as the Terror Twins in the prison, Belle Reve as a possible break out was about to take place. During that time, Superboy had finally started to fully come to terms with his romantic feelings for Miss Martian, coming to realize how much he come to love her after he lost contact with her during the break out. He was determined and did anything to reunite with her and eventually discovered, much to his outrage and distraught that she was attacked by Killer Frost. Thankfully, she managed to free herself and upon reuniting they both shared their first kiss and became a couple.

Both were in a happy relationship together, but decided to keep it a secret from everyone as they believed the Team and their mentors would judged them if they revealed their newly formed relationship. However, everyone slowly began to find out and accepted their love for each other. Aqualad and Robin were the first to discover their new romance, Zatanna quickly found out on Halloween and pointed it out to Artemis and Wally discovered the news on his birthday after being told by Artemis. Eventually their mentors also discovered their love upon witnessing video footage of M'gann and Conner together. Miss Martian and Superboy's love for each other became very strong and serious as they are both shown to worry for one another as Superboy became worried after M'gann was almost killed by Red's Torpedo and Inferno and Miss Martian became devastated when she believed Superboy had really died during artificial reality training session.

However, their relationship was being threatened by Lex Luther and Queen Bee. Lex had tempted Superboy with special patches, allowing him to have all of Superman's powers temporarily while Queen Bee had began to blackmail Miss Martian upon discovering the truth about her real Martian appearance. Eventually, both managed to reveal their secrets not only to each other, but to the rest of the Team. However, their relationship stayed strong and was even more serious than before as Superboy's love for Miss Martian never wavered as he already knew what she really looked like even before they became a couple and Miss Martian forgave him for the patches.

They maintained a happy, stable and serious relationship for the next few years, but sadly sometime in 2015, Superboy officially ended their romantic relationship. When Miss Martian had completely mastered her psychic powers, she was wrongly using them as whenever she probed the minds of the Team's enemies to gain information, she would willingly leave them in a catatonic state. Superboy grew angery on what she was doing, believing it was no better than Psimon, but believed he mattered enough to M'gann make her stop. However, Miss Martian still refused to acknowledge that what she was doing was wrong and instead attempted to erase his memories of his anger on how she was abusing her powers. Superboy wasn't affected as he recognised her psychic touch inside his mind. However, greatly hurt and betrayed by her actions, espically her violating their special psychic connection, Superboy had no choice but to officially end their relationship. Although, Miss Martian accepted his decision, she was shown to have come to regret her actions for what she had done to Superboy as whenever it was mentioned, she would nearly break down into tears, showing great remorse and guilt.

Since ending their romance, their relationship became seriously strained especially when Miss Martian entered into a new relationship with fellow teammate, Lagoon Boy. Superboy was shown to be annoyed by with their new romance as he showed obvious signs of jealousy whenever he saw them together, but believed they didn't have a real relationship, believing Lagoon Boy was only Miss Martian's rebound boyfriend. However, although they are shown to still have serious issues with each other, Miss Martian and Superboy still show strong feelings, they are still in love, but simply don't want to admit how they really feel and instead try to move on.

Despite their efforts, many people can still see the love they share for each other, especially Beast Boy and Alanna as they even tried to help the pair to reconcile and renew their broken relationship. Their love for each other still shows on several occasions as Superboy tried to comfort M'gann after Aretmis "died" and M'gann felt guilty for not throwing an annual surprise party for Conner on his birthday. Eventually, their relationship finally began to slowly repair when Miss Martian realized that Superboy was right all along on how she was using her powers. During a mission to several teammates who were kidnapped, Miss Martian encountered Aqualad and attacked him for "killing" Artemis, ultimately leaving him in a catatonic state. However while doing so, Miss Martian had come to realize the truth about Aqualad and Artemis.

Realizing her violate actions against Aqualad upon discovering the truth, Miss Martian instantly became filled with guilt and shame, causing her to become traumatised and afraid to use her powers, finally understanding the consequences of her actions. Miss Martian was deeply shaken from her actions and began avoiding Lagoon Boy. Superboy soon noticed Miss Martian's change of behaviour, noticing the fear and hesitance in using her powers when the Hall of Justice was attacked by Despero. Afte the battle, Superboy confronted Miss Martian and learned the truth of her attacking Aqualad on the Manta Sub and soon they began spending more time together as Superboy began to console Miss Martian, causing Lagoon Boy to grow jealous, noticing the pair growing close again.

Since the revelation, Miss Martian had started to seriously rethink everything she had been doing, from considering the use of her powers to her her supposed relationship with La'gaan. Eventually, she came to realize they didn't have a real relationship together, realizing she was selfishly using him as her rebound boyfriend. She also realized and acknowledged that she still was deeply in love with Superboy and wanted to reconcile their relationship, but was upset to learn that he supposedly started to date their friend, Wendy Harris. Eventually, Miss Martian apologized to Superboy, admitting everything was her fault and revealed her knowledge of his new relationship with Wendy. However, much to her surprise and delight, Superboy instead revealed he was actually helping Wendy with her own romantic relationship with another friend, Marvin White. Ultimately, Miss Martian and Superboy officially reconciled and got back together by the end of the second season.

Lagoon Boy

Shorty after Miss Martian and Superboy ended their relationship, Miss Martian started a new relationship with fellow teammate and Atlantean, Lagoon Boy. They started to show feelings for one another during a mission to rescue Superboy and several Justice League members in the comics, which are canon with the TV series. They both expressed annoyance in their appearances as Lagoon Boy was upset he couldn't go out in public and Miss Martian felt her true form to be hideous although Lagoon Boy wasn't bothered when she revealed her true form. They almost shared a kiss until they were interrupted by a sudden attacked. Sometime afterwards they started a romantic relationship.

Unlike Miss Martian and Superboy's relationship when they originally hidden it from the Team, M'gann and La'gaan instead openly showed affection for one another. Lagoon Boy is also known to call Miss Martian "Angelfish" as a sweetheart nickname. La'gaan is also shown to be openly jealous whenever M'gann and Conner are alone together or if their past relationship is ever brought. While La'gaan and M'gann's relationship appeared to strong and loving, they would soon face issues, testing the true nature of their romance. During the Team's rescue operation for Lagoon Boy, several teammates and the kidnapped abductees, M'gann discovered Aqualad and Artemis' deep cover mission when she telepathically attacked Aqualad, breaking his mind and leaving him catatonic. Since then, Miss Martian began avoiding Lagoon Boy and refused to take his phone calls as she had began to seriously rethink everything she had been doing recently in her life, including her relationship with him.

La'gaan soon noticed her change in behaviour, becoming upset and later manage to privately confront her and expressed his suspicions that her odd behaviour involves her previous relationship with Superboy. However, before he could further press the issue, Miss Martian was kidnapped by Deathstroke and Tigress (Artemis in disguise) to restore Aqualad's mind while in the process, Lagoon Boy was injured trying to protect her. During her time being held hostage in the Manta Sub for several weeks, Miss Martian finally realized that everything she had been doing was completely wrong, including her relationship with Lagoon Boy. She realized that he was only her rebound boyfriend, acknowledging they didn't have a real relationship together as she came to accept and understand that she only began dating him because he made her feel better about herself. Miss Martian also finally came to realize that she was still deeply in love with Superboy. Upon the revelation, she decided to renew their love and fix her mistakes and thus decided to officially end her non-existent relationship with Lagoon Boy.

After escaping the Manta Sub and returning to the Team, she reunited with La'gaan in Atlantis after his leg was healed from her kidnapping. Miss Martian was not affectionate with him as she was in the past and instead revealed they needed to talk, much to Lagoon Boy's disappointment. During the ride back to the surface, Miss Martian officially broke up with Lagoon Boy, acknowledging she hasn't been fair to La'gaan as she now realizes he has only ever been her rebound boyfriend despite her original thoughts. Miss Martian admits the true main reason they are together was because Lagoon Boy helped her to feel better of who she was due to her selfish actions of abusing her powers and destroying her relationship with Superboy. Lagoon Boy tried to convince Miss Martian otherwise, assuring they can become something more if they continued let their relationship develop further. However, Miss Martian refuses his beliefs, now seeing they never had a true relationship and further expresses they could never developed their "romance" into anything more. Lagoon Boy quickly grew more upset, suspecting she is still in love with Superboy, but while his claims are true, Miss Martian assures it isn't about Lagoon Boy or Superboy, but herself and expresses her beliefs that Lagoon Boy ultimately deserves better than herself.

Kid Flash

Since joining the Team, Kid Flash instantly developed romantic feelings for Miss Martian the moment he saw her and was happy of her joining the Team. Throughout the first season, Wally made his true feelings for M'gann very clear, constantly flirting on her and sometimes acted as if they were already a couple. However, M'gann didn't feel the same way towards Wally as in reality she had instead developed mutual romantic feelings for Superboy, eventually resulting in the two developing a romantic relationship. Since they kept their relationship hidden in the beginning, Wally remained highly unaware of the love between M'gann and Conner and continued his pursuit to win Miss Martian for himself while being somewhat oblivious of his growing romantic feelings for Artemis. Eventually, when the rest of the Team became aware of Miss Martian and Superboy's romantic relationship, they decided it was finally time Wally learned the truth as during his birthday he tried to get a kiss from Miss Martian. Artemis confessed the truth to Wally much to his dismay. However, Wally later manages to let go of his feelings for Miss Martian and comes to finally and fully acknowledge his true romantic feelings for Artemis.


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  • Miss Martian becomes the adoptive sister of Beast Boy after his mother is killed by Queen Bee sometime during the five time jump.

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