Miss Bianca is the deuteragonist and love interest of Bernard from the Disney film, The Rescuers and its sequel The Rescuers Down Under.


In The Rescuers Down Under, another rodent (a kangaroo rat named Jake) also has a crush on her. Sure, both appeared as the main characters in the first movie, but then, she wasn't his love interest, nor was it even implied, though she frequently kisses him, and at one point, she falls asleep on his shoulder (so then, he might have been her love interest in that film). She was partnered with Bernard when they rescue Penny from the villainous Madame Medusa in the first film. In the sequel, she was seen with Bernard dating when they heard that Cody was kidnapped by the villainous Percival C. McLeach and she and Bernard once again had to save someone with the help of Wilbur. By the end of the second film, she marries Bernard. She is voiced by the late Eva Gabor, with the also (yet less) late Robie Lester doing her singing voice in the first film (though the latter wasn't credited).


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