Miss Angel Cake
Miss Angel Cake
is the love interest, in fact, the bride-to-be of the Gingerbread Boy in the Little Audrey short "Tarts and Flowers." She is an anthropomorphic angel food cake, with the "cake" part resembling a dress, while the rest of her literally looks like an angel in a blue robe. She is then given a make-up application with powdered sugar as blush, a cherry as lipstick, and whipped cream (and later another cherry) as hair covering.

As she is about to marry the Gingerbread Boy, the Devil's Food Cake appears out of nowhere and kidnaps her (the one time she speaks) through a secret entrance, and he takes her through an old milk stream (which Little Audrey whips), and then the Gingerbread Boy does the ultimate rescue technique (knocking the Devil's Food Cake to shore so that the Cop Cakes can handle the rest).

Miss Angel Cake finally marries the Gingerbread Boy, and then in reality, it is shown that she, the Gingerbread Boy, and two respective children of the same kind came out of the oven instead of just the one big gingerbread cake.

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