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"Homer, let's do it. Let's call room service!"

Mindy Simmons was a one-shot love-interest for Homer in The Simpsons.


Mindy was hired by Mr. Burns as a way of diversifying his powerplant staff. Homer took one look at her and was instantly smitten. When Homer came home, he found Marge had the flu, Bart had turned into a nerd and Lisa just kept getting weirder, further tempting him towards Mindy.

Mindy is practically a female version of Homer. She likes donuts, beer and slacking off during work hours. Homer picked up on this and tried his best to avoid her, only to get roped into representing the nuclear power plant at a convention in Capital City.

During a romantic evening together, Homer opened a fortune cookie that told him he would find happiness with a new love (apparently everyone dining that night would've gotten the exact same fortune, as they came mass-produced in a barrel). Afterwards, Homer broke down and cried as he felt forced to cheat on Marge now. Mindy reassured him that they wouldn't do anything he didn't want to do. The two stared into each other's eyes and kissed. Ultimately, Homer would sleep with Marge that night and not Mindy.


  • Mindy was voiced by Michelle Pfieffer who originally played Catwoman from Batman Returns the year before this episode aired.
  • Mindy later appeared as part of a bowling team called The Home Wreckers, along with Jacques, Princess Kashmir and Lurleen Lumpkin.
  • According to Homer, Mindy developed a drinking problem and was fired from the power plant.
  • Homer had a vision of what life would be like if he married Mindy instead of Marge. Apparently, Homer and Mindy would own a mansion with a tennis court, while Marge would be President of the USA.

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