Love Interest

Full Name

Michael Steel




The Hole


High school student


Wealth, charisma, athletic skills, good looks


Being with Frankie, Martyn and Liz


Become a musician like his dad (presumably)

Type of Love Interest

Unrequited Love

Michael Steel is the Love Interest of Elizabeth Dunn in the 2001 horror film The Hole. He is played by Desmond Harrington, who also played the Love Interest of Francesca from the horror film Ghost Ship.


Michael was a high school student and he was unaware of Liz's attraction to him. Michael was a very popular guy and he was the son of a musician, thus elevating his status. Also Michael was a very athletic individual.

Michael was often unaware he was being stalked by Liz, who gossiped about him with Frankie, one of her best friends. Michael was asked one day to go to an abandoned Hole-in-the-ground war bunker, by Martyn, a somewhat shady character, unaware that this was because Liz had told Martyn how much she loved Michael and Martyn thought he could let them bond in a weekend together.

In fact, the complete opposite happened. Martyn did show up to get them out at the end of the weekend but the door somehow locked. Frances and Geoffrey who were also in the party were very lustful and just wanted sex above all else. Michael and Liz quickly got irritated with their lusting. However, Michael and Geoffrey found Frankie was getting ill because of her bulimia. One day, Frankie died and Geoffrey then got suicidal. Michael got more and more angry at being trapped and unintentionally killed Geoffrey when he thought he was stealing some Coke, despite Geoff's protests he would share it. Michael bashed Geoffrey's head in, and Liz said one of them should kill themselves. However, Michael told Liz he loved her.

The two then made out and Liz was pleased about this. Michael then woke up from the sex to find that Liz somehow opened the door of the Hole. He angrily asked how the fuck she had done that. Liz revealed that she wanted Frankie and Geoff dead so she would be all alone to make out with Michael. She thought Michael would be as lustful as her and was disappointed when he broke down, called her a bitch, and killed himself by falling off the ladder after he wrenched it off its hinges, causing it to smash on him and kill him. Liz sadistically said he was "just perfect" this way.

Liz was found being hysterical on the highway and taken into a psychiatrist. There, she revealed she killed her friends. She then did all she could to get the psychiatrist committed to a mental asylum or expelled from her job despite evidence pointing that Michael killed Geoff then killed himself and that maybe Liz had something to do with this.


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