232px-Dr michael milano
Michael Milano was the love interest of Meg Griffin in the "Family Guy" episode, "Peter's Daughter." He is an intern doctor at the hospital.

After Meg ends up in a coma after almost drowning during a flood, he becomes the first person she sees when she wakes up. After Peter becomes more protective of her because of the coma, he becomes distrustful of Michael, ultimately making Michael end their relationship during a date.

Meg ultimately becomes crushed, especially when she thought she was pregnant. Peter finds out and grabs a shotgun in an attempt to force Michael to marry Meg, but it was unneccessaryas he was willing to marry her.

However before the wedding, Meg has her period revealing she was not pregnant. At the altar, she tells him the truth and he runs out. Peter decides the people in the church need entertainment and says, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twittie!"

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