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    • Can you please paste following text to this link: w:c:villains:Boys (Dumbo)?

      Boys are minor antagonists in Disney's 1941 cartoon Dumbo, it's 2019 live-action remake and Golden House Book story Dumbo.


      1941 cartoon

      A group of boys appeared in the circus. When they saw Dumbo, they started to laugh at him because of his ears. Smitty, the leader of boys started to move his ears and imitate Dumbo. Other boys laughed at Smitty and shouted: "Smitty's an elephant!" Dumbo didn't understand that they are bad, and started to move his ears like Smitty. But Dumbo's mother unserstood that boys are just wanting to make pictures of Dumbo and illegally show that pictures across the world. She tried to hid Dumbo from boys. Smitty told her that she can't hid him from them, because his ears are too big for hiding. He pulled Dumbo out of his hideout and blowed in his ears strongest he can to hurt Dumbo. Later, Dumbo also realized that Smitty's evil, and tried to escape. Then, Smitty pulled Dumbo's ears strongest he can to hurt Dumbo, and told that's the biggest slingshot ever. Mrs. Jumbo couldn't take it anymore. She grabbed Smitty with her trunk and started to slam his butt (like mothers are doing to bad boys). He screamed for help, and Ringmaster arrived. He saw that Mrs. Jumbo was hurting one of enemies from public, and called security guards to arrest her. From then to now, Smitty is never seen again.

      Golden House Books

      Boys had much larger role in the book than in the movie. Like in the movie, boys were humiliating Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo grabbed Smitty and slamed his butt with her trunk, and got arrested by Ringmaster and security guards. Later, other boys were calling Smitty a crybaby, because he cried when Mrs. Jumbo was hurting him. They started to kick him, and to pull his ears and mouth. One of them dropped can of water on Smitty's head. Timothy Q. Mouse, Dumbo's best friend explained Smitty that bullying is bad, and that he will be happy if he becomes good. Smitty listened to him, redeemed himself and told Ringmaster that he was actually wrong about Mrs. Jumbo, and told him to let her free. At the end, Smitty is seen riding Dumbo, with Mrs. Jumbo behind them.

      2019 live-action film

      Boys had smaller role than in cartoon and in movie, but are much worse. They were riding on Dumbo, pulling his ears and riding him to place where they wanted from him to bump his head. They even put hot pepper in his trunk and made him feels bad. Later, when Dumbo was flying during the clown acts, he used water in his trunk and sprayed boys with it, which was his revenge on them for abusing him.


      Smitty's role for abusing Dumbo and making Mrs. Jumbo mad and arrested is replaced by Rufus Sorghum, who's much worse than Smitty, because he was whipping elephants just because he hates his job, and even whipped Holt Farrier who tried to stop him.

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