Mera is the love interest of Aquaman from the Aquaman comics.  She first met Aquaman when they help them.  She was kidnapped by Leron but was freed.  In the end they were married and had a baby named Arthur Curry Jr.

In Other Media

Aquaman (2018)


Mera as played by Amber Heard

Mera alerts Arthur to his half-brother's plan to wage war on the surface world. They seek council from Arthur's trainer Vulko, who tells them they need to retrieve the trident of Atlan in order to maintain balance between Atlantis and the surface world.

As Arthur and Mera travel across the Sahara and Sicily trying to find clues to the trident's whereabouts, Arthur begins to warm up to Mera. They look out for each other during several close encounters and surprise each other with their resourcefulness. When he asks her why she wants him to be king, Mera states that as Arthur is a mix of surface-dweller and Atlantean, he's the one who sees the best in both worlds.

Mera catches onto Arthur's growing feelings for her and gives him a kiss during the film's climax. With Arthur established as the king of Atlantis, it's assumed he'll marry Mera eventually.

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