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Melody is Soos Ramirez's love interest and long-distance girlfriend from Portland, Oregon. In Gravity Falls.


Melody is of average height and has a heavy build. She has light tan skin, full pink lips, and wavy light brown hair, which is pulled back into a loose ponytail. When not in her work uniform for Meat Cute, her outfit consists of a lavender shirt with white polka-dots, white shorts, purple earrings, a lavender hair tie, and periwinkle sandals. She carries a dark pink crossbody bag with a design consisting of a light yellow zigzag at the bottom, two light blue, symmetrical diamonds with smaller, dark pink diamonds in the middle of them on the fold of the bag, and a light blue diamond button to keep the bag closed.

Relation with Soos

Melody and Soos first met at Gravity Malls in "Soos and the Real Girl" and later that same night go out on a date. They get along remarkably well and are very compatible. Melody thinks it's admirable that Soos can do seemingly embarrassing and childish things without worrying about what other people think, and Soos is comforted by her warm and kind nature. They share a similar sense of humor, and while Melody had to go back to her home in Portland, they agree to try at a long distance relationship. He is later seen talking to her online where Soos tries to impress her by faking walking down the stairs. During Dipper's monologue at the end of "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls," Melody is shown working at the Mystery Shack after Soos became manager.

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