Maya is the love interest, girlfriend, and later wife of Damon in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

Her Story

As a child she wanted to help defend her planet Mirinoi she tried to pull out the Pink Quesar Saber from the stone but she was unsuccessful.

During present day 1999. Her planet was under attack by a monster named Furio who wanted the Quesar Sabers to use for destruction she also happen to run into Leo, Kai, Kendrix, Mike, and Damon, who was helping out. when their backs were against the stone with the Quesar Sabers, It wasn't until Mike who pulled the Red Quesar Saber out that Maya decided to try to pull a Quesar Saber out and she became successful pulling the Yellow Quesar Saber out making her the Yellow Galaxy ranger. However even when she obtained her new powers, she wasn't able to save her people and partially her planet from turning into stone. While fighting alongside her Galaxy Rangers, she bonded with them but mostly she bonded with Kendrix Morgan. They became the best of friends and she also developed romantic feelings for Damon.

Upon the midst of trying to defeat Trakeena, they ran into the Space Rangers and the two teamed up to take out the Pink Psycho Ranger who created a curse barrier around Cassie the Pink Space Ranger's morpher. Kendrix saves Cassie and her ranger powers at the cost of her own life. Maya felt such sorrow losing her best friend. But she soon found a new friend, Karone, as she pretended to be Astronema again to retrieve the Pink Quesar Saber. She began to bond with her as well.

After Trakeena was defeated, They returned to Mirinoi to return the Quesar Sabers to the stone. This in turn had freed the people who were turned to stone, and brought Kendrix back to life Maya hugged her best friend as she came back to life.

Lightspeed Rescue

She teamed up with the Lightspeed Rangers to destroy Trakeena for good.

Super Megaforce & Aftermath

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