The Love Interest of Hubie

Marina is the female lead and the tritagonist in "The Pebble and the Penguin!" The love interest of the main protagonist, Hubie and Drake, the main antagonist, Marina is a very important character.

Although the most beautiful girl penguin in the whole rookery, she is a very kind hearted female, and doesn't believe in the mating pebble ritual. Upon seeing how kind Hubie is, she immediately falls in love with him.

Once Hubie wishes for a perfect engagement pebble, Drake throws him in the ocean and takes Marina to his lair. After seeing a vision of Marina declaring her love for him, and learning after Drake says that she had to choose a mate before the full moon mating ceromony or be banished, Hubie gains the courage to escape the boat he was on with the help of his new friend Rocko.

Hubie gains training from Rocko and one the day of the full moon ceromony, reaches Antarctica and encounters Drake, who has decided to kidnap Marina and force her into being his mate. Though Hubie loses the first round, he soon defeats Drake and rescues Marina and proposes. After Drake makes one final attempt to win, he accidentally causes his whole lair to fall on him, crushing him to death. Rocko is able to learn to fly, despite being a penguin and saves Hubie and Marina. Marina tells Hubie she loves the pebble he presented but says she loves him even more. They end up with several children who are taught to fly by Rocko.

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