Margalo is Stuart Little's love interest in Stuart Little 2. She is a yellow bird who was attacked by Falcon and goes to the Littles' house for protection and becomes Stuart's friend. She has a broken wing (from an attack from Falcon) and Stuart bandages her wing with her scarf which later on becomes healed. She carries a golden flower pin with a diamond that was given to her from her deceased mother. As time passes, she and Stuart grow closer and becomes part of the family. She steals Mrs.Little's ring under Falcon's demand otherwise in Falcon's words; "the mouse is lunch". After disappearing mysteriously one night without saying goodbye, Stuart and Snowbell embark on a rescue mission to find her, thinking Falcon captured her. When Stuart reaches the very top of the Piskin building (Falcon's Headquarters), Falcon tells him she was tricking him and that she was working for him all this time, leaving Stuart questioning his friendship with Margalo. When Falcon carries and drops Stuart into a garbage truck, Margalo tried to save him but got captured by Falcon. Stuart, who was on a garbage boat, was angry at her and threw the pin away. Realizing his mistake, he goes to where the thrown-away pin is and get it back. He surprisingly finds George's broken plane and fixes it while also realizing Margalo meant a lot to him and decides to go save her with his family. After Falcon is defeated by the duo, she is finally free from Falcon. She also gives back Mrs. Little's ring who forgives Margalo easily. Later on, she tells Stuart she always wanted to go in the south but Falcon would not let her go. Before she leaves, she hugs Stuart and says goodbye to the Little family and that she'll miss everyone, including Snowbell. As Margalo flies away to join the other migrating birds, Mr. Little asks Stuart of his next silver lining; "She'll be back in the Spring".

She is voiced by Melanie Griffith, best known as Tess McGill in Working Girl.

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