Maleficent likes Hades

Maleficent likes the idea of "roasted mouse."

Maleficent, the Mistress of All Evil became the love interest of Hades, the Lord of the Underworld in the House of Mouse episode, Halloween With Hades.

He falls in love with her after seeing her yelling at her minions and he flirts with her only to have her hit him in the head with her staff.

Mickey then tries to teach Hades to be nice and Hades dresses like Mickey Mouse and then asks Hercules and Megara to wish him luck. After being polite with Maleficent, she tells him she hates nice.

Enraged Hades goes after Mickey and tells him roasted mouse sounds nice. Maleficent says she likes the idea of roasted mouse and says that she appreciates a man with a firey disposition because it "brings out the dragon in her."

They are later seen at a table on a date with Hades telling her he wants to show her "a whole new Underworld." All she says is, "promises, promises." Donald, dressed as a devil tries to scare the two only to be beaten up by Hades.

Captain Hook also showed an interest in her but he was zapped by her staff, leaving only his hook behind.

In the 2014 film Maleficent, meets Stefan in her home, the forest of the Moors and falls in love with him until one day when he cuts off her wings. From that day forward, she vowed revenge.

In Descendants 3, Mal (the daughter of Maleficent) confirmed Hades is her father. This further strengthens the Maleficent/Hades Love relationship.

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