Dr. Ghastly
Major Dr. Ghastly is the love interest of Hector Con Carne and Estroy from Evil Con Carne. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle. She is a mad scientist. She is the brains behind all of Hector's plans. She first met Hector Con Carne, while Hector was a human while showing the Brain and Stomach tank. After Hector's body was destroyed in an explosion except for his brain and stomach, Ghastly attaches both the Brain tank and Stomach tank to a Russian circus bear named Boskov. During the series, she begins to have romantic feelings for Hector as she is more interested in inventing things as she always gets closer to Hector. Estroy, Hector's next-island neighbor, also has a crush on Ghastly as he and Hector are very competitive. She returns her feelings to Hector as she shows him his face. However, she has never told Hector that she loves him and nobody else knows. She is shown to have a crush on Hector throughout the series.
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