Tsukigane Maia
Maia Tsukigane is the love interest of Akira Kaibuki in the anime series Aquarion Logos. Trained since childhood to be Subete's partner, she grew up blindly following Sōgon's teachings until her first sortie when she is forced to combine with Akira and defeat the M.J.B.K. she was supposed to protect. After being held prisoner by DEAVA, she obtains a chance to return to NESTA, but Sōgon instead instructs her to pretend that she switched sides in order to investigate Akira further. However, she eventually learns to think by herself and joins forces with Akira and the others against Sōgon to defeat him instead. She pilots the purple-colored Vector-02, focused on air superiority.

She is a human created from Verbalism Power with the purpose of awakening the Aquarion Logos and destroy the world. She met Akira once when they were children and he promised her to become the savior who would save the world so Maia was allowed to live on.

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