270px-Lupe Lamora (Talisa Soto) - Profile

Lupe Lamora is the secondary love interest of James Bond from the James Bond film, Licence to Kill.  She is first seen while Franz Sanchez files to Florida and he catches her in bed with a different man.  Sanchez orders the man to die and whips Lamora for her infidelity.  Sanchez and Lamora leave and try to escape, but she got caught by the DEA and Bond.  After escaping without Sanchez.  Milton Krest tries to attack her, but she escapes.  That night, Bond approaches her with a knife and questions her about Sanchez.  She doesn't know as he never told her.  Bond then sees his other good friend, Sharkey killed outside and Lamora is left behind in order to take revenge on his henchmen who killed him.  Bond then encounters Lamora in the Isthmus Casino and he asks her to be taken to Sanchez, to which she agrees.  At the hotel, she turns up while Bond poses as a guest/potential member of Sanchez' cartel.  She then expresses her love for Bond in front of Pam Bouvier.  She later helps Bond escape in return for helping her escape from Sanchez.  After Bond finally kills Sanchez by burning him to death with Felix's lighter, Bond once again encouters her at the party.  She then thank him for her help and before they kiss, Bouvier sadly walks away and Bond decides to choose Pam instead, allowing Lupe to fall in love with the President of Isthmus City at the end of the film.

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