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Lulubelle is the love interest of Bongo in the segment of the same name to Walt Disney's 1947 film, Fun and Fancy Free. Bongo first meets her after he failed to catch a fish for breakfast as the two fell in love as Lulubelle slaps Bongo in the cheeks, but Lumpjaw is already in love with her. Bongo mistakenly regards it as her breaking up with him and walking away sadly. After Bongo sees a couple of other bears showing their love by slapping their faces, Bongo discovers that Lulubelle nearly loved him as he tries to save her from Lumpjaw. After the battle as Lumpjaw falls into the waterfall, Lulubelle is sadden discovering that Bongo is dead. Fortenately, Bongo managed to survive by hanging on a treebranch. Bongo slaps Lulubelle for his love towards him showing that he has romantic feelings for her and Lulubelle showing romantic feelings for Bongo. By the end of the segment, the two then climb up on a pair of trees that bend into the shape of a heart.
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