Luke Morgan is the main prince charming and love interest of Katie Gibbs in the third installment of A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song


Luke is a bristish boy that all girl want to be the girlfriend since he is the son of Guy Morgan a popular CEO who recruit talented people, he was looking for talented people for the gala his father organised has he befriend Mickey O'malley who help him to find people for the contest from the gala.

Katie then sneak her demo in his father bag, Guy loved the demo and call Gail for it wich she lied to Guy and gave the credit to her own daughter, has Luke was visiting he trip on Katie who was locked out by Victor after he throw her clothes of the shower, amused by the situation and give her his vest as Bev came and welcome him. Katie heard Luke singing and she decide to write a song for him. Angela convince Katie to sing to Luke while disguised during the Bollywood Ball, wich Angela will distract Gail Luke will bring Katie without see who she really is to a more private place as he listen to her singing, when midnight strike Katie leave without letting Luke know who she is.

Later Luke will try to find the girl without any success, until he heard Bev with Katie voice (on a record phone because Bev cannot sing), wich Luke believe she is the girl from the ball and will fall in love with her, without knowing Katie is the real singer until the contest where Gail will force Katie to sing backstage, Luke will comfront her about it wich Katie will reveal bev cannot sing after that revelation Luke will steal a camera and expose Gail and Bev as fraud and his father will tell him to tell Katie that he want to make a disk with her. At the end him and Katie will finally date each other.

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