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Lucy Stevens is a media intern at CMN and Tim Goodman's love interest in Pokemon: Detective Pikachu.


Lucy aspires to climb the ranks and prove herself as a serious journalist. Unfortunately due to her youth and inexperience she's stuck doing useless blogs. She doesn't do herself any favours by trying to make headlines off rumours rather than using credible sources. Her attempts to come across as serious also seem forced, which Tim sees through instantly.


When Tim meets Lucy Stevens

When Tim meets Lucy Stevens

After the disappearance of Detective Goodman, Lucy and her partner Psyduck skulk around his apartment hoping to find a lead. It's here that she meets his son Tim Goodman. Their meeting is brief, as neither of them know anything about the case until Detective Pikachu comes along.

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Lucy tries playing informant

The next day, Tim and Pikachu meet Lucy at CMN where they're able to pool their resources and track Goodman's last known location to a lab out in the wilderness. Tim uses this time to try and flirt with Lucy, but comes across as awkward. After uncovering information that the lab was turning Pokemon into berserkers, they're chased out by some berserker Greninja and nearly killed by some giant Torterra.

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"Not the sort of place you want to be alone at night" "I'm actually pretty good at being alone at night"

Lucy and Tim go back to the city and split up to inform the media, Lucy tries to inform the reporters while Tim tries to talk to their executive Howard Clifford. It's then revealed that Howard had transplanted his mind into Mewtwo, who then uses the Pokemon's power to bind all humans into their Pokemon partner's bodies. Lucy is trapped in her Psyduck as a result. Tim is then attacked by a Ditto masquerading as Lucy, to which Tim admits his attraction to her.

After Tim and Pikachu thwart Howard, Mewtwo reverses the change. As it does so, it reveals that Pikachu was actually carrying Detective Goodman's mind inside him, which leads to Tim and his father reuniting. As Tim sticks around to reconnect with his dad, it's implied he also sticks around for Lucy, as she hints at liking him back.


  • Fans often see Lucy as the live-action equivalent to Misty, due to her feisty nature, Psyduck partner and hints of romance with the protagonist who just so happens to have a Pikachu.
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