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Welcome to the Love Interest Wiki

The Love interest is who a character in media is in love with. Sometimes it is this love that helps move the story along. This wiki is dedicated to those men and women many fictional characters have fallen in love with.


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Rules and Guidlines

  1. This Wiki is meant for love interests. By this admin's definition, a love interest is whomever is being pursued romantically.
  2. Fanshipping does not count for love interests and does not even count as a Possible Romance and therefore not welcome on this site, except for the Fan Prefered Couple page.
  3. If someone make an article but asks someone else to post a pic for it, that person will receive a 3 day ban. A second offense will result in a one week ban. A third will be a month. Also the articles will get deleted.
  4. This is ONLY FOR love interests, therefore, only love interests can be put on, no exceptions. Posting a person as a love interest who is in love with someone, but those feelings are not returned, is not allowed.
  5. Characters already married at the beginning of a story do not count as love interests unless the character in love with them is not the spouse.
  6. Posting annoying and misleading pages, making very useless categories, messing with category information and articles, and insulting an article in comments with poor language will net you a permanent ban.
  7. If you need to remove content from pages, please explain why in the edit summary, otherwise, your edit will be undone and you can receive a three day ban.
  8. Though User:DisneyVillain is the founder of this Wiki, as of 6/12/13 they gave the Wiki to User:Statue-of-liberty; as of October 2013 User:Malcasablanca has taken over.
  9. Some categories are able to negate the need for other categories. Here's a list of the categories:
    1. ' is an upgrade for Love Triangle' and thus if Love Dodecahedron is used Love Triangle should not.
    2. As Evil Love is a combination of both Category:Villain's Lover Villain's Lover and Villainous Love Interest it is pointless to add those two when you use Evil Love.
    3. Since one of the rules for Primary Character Love Interest is that the Love Interest has to show no romantic interest to the character it is pointless to add Unrequited Love to the article as well.
    4. As anime is a form of animation it is not required to add Animated Love Interest to Anime Love Interest.
  10. Rude behavior will not be tolerated on this wiki. Calling others names (idiots, retards, morons, etc.) will net you a permanent ban.
  11. Plagiarism is not acceptable in this wiki. You must use your own words. Any plagiarized article will be deleted and the user will get a warning. A repeat offense will result in a one-week ban.
  12. Because of the June 2012 troll attacks if an article contains enough information it will be put under semi-protection to prevent hard work from being ruined. Examples of large information include Fiona, Howl Jenkins Pendragon and Donna Pinciotti. Once protected only administrators will be able to make edits so if you wish to add something ask for an administrator's help.
  13. Reuploading a deleted page even though the character was NOT a love interest will automatically net a two-week ban unless you can prove the character IS a love interest to an administrator.
  14. TV Tropes terms are fully accepted on this site but if you alter the name of a trope, change the meaning of it or make it misleading you will receive a three-day ban.
    1. Administrators are NOT immune to these rules. If an administrator breaks the rules they automatically lose administrator status and can be blocked.
  15. If you're creating a new character page please add more information than just "they met and fell in love" or "this person is that person's love interest". People on this wiki want to hear the whole love story.
  16. Relationships that display incest, pedophilia or non-consensual sexual acts in a positive light will not be tolerated on this wiki.
  17. Due to an over-abundance of images and videos, pages will now be capped at 10 images per gallery.
  18. Creating categories without the permission of the admins will result in a 1 year block.