Lotsa Heart Elephant is a Care Bear Cousin who has made numerous appearances within the series. In the 2016's series, Care Bears and Cousin, is a female, member of cloud clipper, and seems to be a possible love interest of King Beastly.

At first it appeared to be a bleeding between them, but in the episode "knowing badges" King Beastly convince the cousins to go to a festival in his cave (to avoid to go to the festival and the Care Bears ruin the levada) and they decide to go to see who can no longer wear their belly badges, after a series of entertainment by the Beastlys, power in their bellly badges begins to rise again, and cousins think they could go to show their belly badges at the festival of the bears, King Beastly tries to convince us to stay, but makes Lotsa Heart Elephant gets angry a little and accidentally makes her belly badge out a dumbbell clutters the cave, Brave Heart Lion tells the other cousins that the powers of their belly badges are amazing and gives them a boost of courage to acquire more confidence, but King Beastly pushes Lotsa Heart Elephant avoiding that give the push of courage, King Beastly then tells that she not hate him, no longer he knew what his belly badge Brave Lion Heart could do and when he saw what his belly badge would say to elephant, the only thing that happened was defending, and the flame beautiful pachyderm, then when the power of the belly badge Bright Heart Raccoon touched king beastly, to he came up with the idea of going to the festival of bears, once there King Beastly says the first to show their power be Elephant, then elephant with the power of her belly badge hit full of love to King Beastly, that the show begins more affectionate to this, and she mention that the true power of her belly badge is to give a lot of love to those most in need and King Beastly needed a lot of love in his life.

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