Lori is the love interest of Coby from Transformers Cybertron.  She moved to Colorado and first meets Coby and the two started antagonistic.  She tries to complain to a friend of hers back in the city over the phone, and she stomped over to the picnicking grounds and Coby's little brother, Bud tries to give her something to drink and something to eat.  She then first meets Landmine, who was one of the autobots and Landmine explained to her and the boys about the black hole that was threatening Cybertron.  The decepticons tried to kill her and the autobots, but Optimus Prime showed up just in time to beat Thundercracker.  She, Coby and Bud helped the autobots to protect the Cyber Planet keys from the Decepticons.  She and Coby also helped Hot Shot on Velocitron after given a special mission by Vector Prime.  She and Bud search out and examining strange archaeological artifacts that appeared to be of Cybertronian origin.  On the Jungle Planet, she and Override (to which she is referred as "little sister") tried to let Scourge help the Autobots.  She also told her parents about the Transformers along with Coby.  She also rescued Bud from the Atlantis.  She also helped the Autobots obtain the Gigantion key, but it was stolen by Galvatron.  Optimus defeated Galvatron and the Autobots and the Decepticons (excluding their leader) head back to Cybertron and She and Coby became an offical couple by holding hands.  In the end, she and Coby got engaged and married as Optimus and the Mini-Cons arrived at the wedding.


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