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The Lois Lane of Earth 2 is the original Lois Lane debuting in the Golden Age of superhero comics and the primary love interest of Superman.


Clark Kent / Superman

Lois was first introduced as a reporter for the Daily Star in the Golden Age of comics. Her tenacity as a reporter would often place her in hotspots, and Superman would often have to rescue her. She was fascinated by Superman, but did not care much for Clark Kent, who acted meek and nerdy around her to conceal his secret identity. However, when Clark lost his memories in Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?, he became more confident and as a result Lois became more interested in him. The two dated and eventually married but she discovered his real identity as Superman. Realizing the world needs him, she made him regain his memories and the two lived happily together after the world thought Superman had died. They never had children, although when they were older, Clark's cousin Kara, AKA Power Girl, came into their lives, and they thought of her as a daughter.

Earth-Two was wiped out along with many other worlds in the giant even known as the Crisis on Infninite Earths. However, Superman and Lois Lane were saved from its destruction. They entered a pocket universe created by their friend Alexander Luthor (son of Earth-Three's Lex Luthor and Lois Lane), along with Superboy-Prime.

Although initially believing they could live there indefinitely, Lois eventually began to age and die. Superman thought the reason for this was the way the universe outside, filled with new versions of the heroes, had grown corrupt. He tried, with Alexander and Superboy, to bring back his own Earth into existence. He failed to save Lois, who soon passed away. It was ultimately revealed that Alexander and Superboy had grown corrupt, and had creted Lois' illness in an attempt to get Superman's help, so as to create their own "perfect" world. Superman later died in battle against Superboy. With Kara present, he spoke his last word: "Lois."

In Other Media

Lois was portrayed by Noel Neill in the film serials The Adventures of Superman (1948) and Atom Man vs. Superman (1950).

Lois was portrayed by Phyllis Coates in season one of The Adventures of Superman. From the second season onward, Noel Neill reprised the role, making her the only person to portray a major DC Comics character in two separate incarnations.

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