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Lois Lane is the love interest of Superman and his alter-ego Clark Kent in the animated series by the same name. She was voiced by Dana Delaney.


Superman/Clark Kent

Lois' relationship with both Superman and Clark is typical of their interactions in other media. As the series ended after 3 seasons, their relationship is left unresolved, though Lois and Superman have kissed.

Lex Luthor

In the animated series, it was mentioned that Lois and Lex dated for a time. But she has since come to realize the evil man he is.

Bruce Wayne/Batman

In the animated feature World's Finest, Bruce Wayne visits Metropolis under the guise of meeting with Lex Luthor. In reality, he was following the Joker, who had joined forces with Luthor to take down the Man of Steel. Lois initially believed him to be trash but was instantly smitten with him. He unexpectedly comes to her and refers to her as the "famous Lois Lane" and praises her adventures. Before leaving, he invites her to dinner and she accepts.

During the date, Lois states that she felt her attraction to Superman was consuming her life and she wanted to focus on something else. The two start growing closer as they have a dance. They grow more closer over a few dates and Bruce comes to see her at the Daily Planet. Clark gets jealous, but he states that he had his chance and he's in a serious relationship with her. At another dinner, Bruce asks her if she and Clark are in a romantic relationship, but she denies. Before they can kiss, she is kidnapped by Joker.

Bruce rescues her as Batman and she decides to move to Gotham. When they are again attacked, his identity is revealed to her as both help each other in fighting off the attacking robots. She decides to keep his identity a secret because she cares foe him, but feels betrayed. Clark after learning this talks with Bruce who states: "She likes Bruce Wayne and she likes Superman. It's the other two guys she's not crazy about."

She later decides to end their relationship because because of his secret life, which she isn't sure she wants to know, despite adoring him. Bruce states he understands and tells Clark to be good to her.

Later, in the episode The Demon Reborn, she states that she often had second thoughts about their relationship and thought about calling him. Batman however has left and she realizes she was talking to herself.

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