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Lois Lane


Superwoman, Ultrawoman


Action Comics/Superman


Journalist for The Daily Planet


Idealistic and uncompromising personality


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To spread the truth

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Comic Book Love Interest

"Nice S!"-Lois upon seeing a photo of Superman

Lois Lane is the primary and most iconic love interest of Superman. She is a reporter of the Daily Planet, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist (though how she won a Pulitzer is never specified). She typically acts as the damsel in distress while Superman saves her.


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All-Star Superman

All-Star Superwoman

In All-Star Superman, Superman gives Lois a serum that will endow her with all his powers for a day as a birthday present. This along with a kryptonian suit he had tailor-made for Lois allows her to fulfill the image many fans have had of her as a true Superwoman.


Clark Kent / Superman


In the Silver Age of comics, Clark and Lois worked for the Daily Planet, with much the same relationship. Lois would every now and again suspect that Clark Kent was truly Superman, only to have him find some way of dissuading her from this opinion. Her main rival for Superman's affections became Lana Lang. While she was obsessed in Superman, she did have some care for Clark and often flirted with him.


In 1986's new origin story, Man of Steel, Superman is introduced to the world when (before even having a costume) he rescues an experimental "space-plane," along with Lois and other reporters on it, that had fallen out of the sky, including Lois. It is she who gives him the name Superman. When he later appears in costume, she is beaten to the story by Clark Kent, a fact that she resents him for for years. This origin was done away with by two subsequent post-crisis origins in Birthright and Secret Origins.

In the Post-Crisis stories, the aspect of Clark Kent acting like a bumbling nerd was dropped, and his behavior around Lois became that of a normal colleague. Eventually, Eventually, Lois warmed up to Clark and found herself attracted to him in a similar manner to Superman. The two embarked on a relationship. Ultimately, Clark both revealed his dual identity to her and proposed in a single act. She accepted, and the two were soon married. The couple enjoyed multiple years of a happy marriage.

The New 52

In the newest continuity, Clark and Lois's marriage has been done away with, and, despite romantic tension with Lois, he is in a relationship with Wonder Woman even though he still admires Lois. Lois however only sees him as her best friend. Any chance of them coming together is crushed when Lois discovers his secret identity and outs him to the world.


It's revealed at the end of New 52 that the Lois and Clark from the pre-Flashpoint continuity have been living in secret for years on this world, with this new Clark ready to reclaim the red cape when his younger counterpart is killed. The two also have a son named Jonathan Samuel Kent. Following the Superman: Reborn storyline, the timelines as well as the souls of Lois and Clark of both worlds are merged, resulting in the post-Flashpoint Superman marrying Lois, while having a son and being older.

Lex Luthor

On Earth-Three, a world where all the heroes of the world we know are villains, Lex Luthor is the world's sole superhero. He is married to Lois Lane, and the two have a son, Alexander Luthor. When the villain known as the Anti-Monitor destroys Earth-Three, Luthor sends their son to an alternate Earth in a scene modeled after the way Superman was sent to Earth from Krypton. Lex and Lois embrace as they and their Earth are destroyed. (see Earth-Two article for more on Alexander Luthor)

In the mainstream Post-Crisis comics, Luthor has an infatuation with Lois, and has often tried to woo her. Lois, however, sees Luthor as the villain he is.

In the alternate-universe story Superman: Red Son, where Superman grew up in Russia, Lois is married to Lex Luthor but their marriage is often strained at times due to his focus on his work.

In the Lois and Clark TV series,  Luthor is more successful in wooing Lois. The two begin to date, and despite Clark and her other friends trying to convince her he is an evil man, become engaged (the writers were quick to make it clear, however, that the two were not sleeping together). When Luthor's schemes are revealed on their would-be wedding day, he throws himself off the top of his tower. He eventually returns to life, but his schemes are still thwarted by Lois and Clark.

Bruce Wayne / Batman

New 52

Lois was briefly involved in a romantic relationship with an amnesiac Batman, who was much nicer, while she was a young reporter. She helped him in investigating the mystery behind Ralph Mangubat and the amnesiac Superman, was saved twice by him, while also briefly becoming his sidekick. In order to regain his memory and make Superman remember as well, he kissed Lois before remembering that his real name was Clark. After regaining his memory, he abandoned Lois instantly.

In Other Media


Lois Lane (Earth 2)

Superman Film Series

Lois Lane (1978-2006)

Superman Animated Series

Lois Lane (DC Animated Universe)


On the television series Smallville (2001-2011), Lois is introduced in the fourth season as the cousin of Clark's friend Chloe Sullivan. She stays in Smallville on and off again, at one point even staying in the Kent household. Clark at first cannot stand her, calling her bossy, stuck up, and rude. Their relationship matures into a friendship, although a fiesty one. Lois eventually finds her calling as a reporter, and she and Clark both begin working at the Daily Planet. She has a fascination with the figure called "The Blur," essentially mimicking her fascination with Superman in the comics. She and Clark begin to have feelings for each other in season 8. They begin seeing each other, and at the end of the ninth season, she disovers he is the Blur. Lois ultimately helps him create his new dual idenitty, including adopting the glasses. The two become engaged, but in the series finale, their wedding is interrupted by the apocalyptic machinations of Darkseid. Lois is among the first rescued when Clark debuts in his new costume to defeat the villain. In a flashforward to seven years in the future, the two, for some reason, have still not married, with their ceremony commencing later that day. In a cameo during crisis on infinite earths it’s revealed that they’ve been married for almost ten years and are parents to unnamed daughters.

Man of Steel

In Man of Steel, Lois (Amy Adams) figures out that Clark is an alien before he takes on the Superman identity. Their relationship becomes one of trust, as Clark convinces Lois to keep his secret purely out of altruism. Their attraction to each other builds up as they're put through a series of near-death experiences before finally kissing. When Clark arrives at the Daily Planet at the end of the film, Lois recognizes him immediately but decides to keep this between them. Two years later, in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the two are in a loving relationship. After Clark is killed fighting Doomsday, it is shown that he was planning on proposing. Lois decides to wear the ring that he had planned on giving her. With Clark's resurrection in Justice League, the two are now happily engaged.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

In the videogame Injustice: Gods Among Us, Superman finds out that Lois is pregnant. Shortly afterwards she's kidnapped by the Joker. When Superman tries to save her he's drugged with a mix of Scarecrow's fear gas kryptonite fumes. He imagines Doomsday about to attack and forces him into orbit. It's not until he's well above the Earth's atmosphere that Superman realizes he was actually attacking Lois! When Superman comes back down to Earth, he sees that the Joker used this as a distraction to destroy all of Metropolis. Broken beyond repair, Superman kills the Joker and places all of Earth under his dictatorship.

These events illustrate just how much Lois means to Superman. If he lost her he'd lose his humanity. A similar alternative future is shown in a vision seen by Batman in the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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