Ling is the love interest to the Chosen One in the martial arts parody film Kung Pow: Enter the Fist.


Ling is a student of Master Tang. Her father was the one who trained Master Tang and told him of a Chosen One. Ling and the Chosen One are immediately smitten with each other. Ling shows her attraction by repeatedly flashing her chest whenever she's in the Chosen One's presence. Ling's father is killed by Betty, the film's antagonist and Ling flashes the Chosen One three times within a few minutes, indecisive of how far she wants to take their relationship.

The next day, Betty goes around killing anyone who has befriended the Chosen One. The Chosen One finds Ling badly wounded, but after seemingly dying, it turns out she'll live. Ling then helps the Chosen One train for his fight with Betty. After defeating Betty, Ling and the Chosen One live happily ever after...or do they?


Ling has a bizarre habit of making wailing sounds and Donald Duck-type noises for no particular reason. She got this habit from her father. According to Master Tang, she is a shy one, but this will pass. It does within a second of him saying that as Ling flashes the Chosen One. As the film progresses, she gets even more bizarre, humming a tune even when she's wounded and telling the Chosen One to rub mercury in her hair. A teaser for a non-existent sequel shows that Ling might be able to fly.

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