Lil'Kim is a potential girlfriend for The Hero in Def Jam Fight For NY, she appear in The Limit when she enter the hero see her, and tried to approach her, but Nyne then said that she's with him the hero is not convince, so he decide to fight Nyne to get her, if the hero lose she leave with Nyne and he got the ugly girl, but if the hero win she go with him as blaze watch them leave with a smile. She can also being remplace by Carmen Electra if the Hero is tired of her, so that will brought a catfight over him, but same if she win the hero decide to leave with Carmen Electra and she became Skull girlfriend if the hero as rejected her, but if the hero still choose her it will be again a catfight, if she lose the hero will leave with her, but if she win she leave happily with the hero. after all fight the hero win, she will get kidnapped by Crow like each girl that the hero will have as girlfriend, she then held in a old factory where Sticky will putt on fire and confront the hero who go to save her after the fight, but she will not survive presumably died from flame affixation, Wich will enrange the hero who go to confront Crow.

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