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Leslie is the love interest to both Kyle and Jimmy in the animated series South Park. Despite her kindly demeanour, she is actually an ad in human form who preys on the good nature of single boys. Edit: Her actual name is Leslie Meyers, as seen on the edition Super School Newspaper written by Nathan.


Leslie is introduced as a victim of the school's new overbearing principal. She frequently gets loudly humiliated for chatting with the other girls while PC Principal is hosting an assembly.

A group of reporters figure out that Leslie's actually an ad after finding a picture of her and PC Principal acting like a happy father and daughter. Leslie is brought in for interrogation. Jimmy is asked to question her, since he can see through ads. To the reporter's horror, Jimmy begins to fall for Leslie as she convinces him that she's a nice girl who is being victimised. Jimmy lets Leslie out, only to get beaten up.

Leslie then sets her sights on Kyle, who had recently had a falling out with the other boys. Leslie convinces Kyle to give her his personal details and hide in his room. Kyle falls for Leslie as well and is convinced that PC Principal is trying to take over South Park. Eventually, it's revealed that Leslie was the true puppet-master all along and the ads were planning to dominate the human race. PC Principal then beats Leslie to death, though it's made clear that the ads would keep on coming and humanity was now at war.


  • Leslie may be a parody of false internet dating profiles. She expresses interest in boys who are single and lonely and convinces them to give away their bank details. In real life this is known as catfishing.

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