Layla Williams is the love interest of Will Stronghold, from the movie, Sky High. She is played by Danielle Panabaker.

Her Story

Layla and Will have been friends since they were children. Layla has always been in love with Will, but Will is not aware of that. Will and Layla both come from families of super heroes, and although Will hasn't discovered his powers yet, Layla can control plant life around her. Both of them are accepted to the high school, Sky High.

After the first day, Will confides in Layla about the pressure he is under, due to him not having any powers, and his parents not knowing. She convinces him to tell his parents. Here is when it is hinted that Will returns the feelings for her.

As the movie goes on, Will begins to show more feelings for Layla. When he discovers his powers, and moves to a higher track than her, she becomes jealouse of his new found romance with Gwen Grayson. Will decides to take her on a date one night to show her that they are still friends. However, he stands her up.

After Gwen encounters Layla, she tells her that Will does not like her, and he knows about her crush on him, and resents her for that. Layla is upset by this, and ends her friendship with Will. Will realizes that he loves Layla at that moment, and breaks up with Gwen.

At the end, after Gwen is revealed to be a supervillian, and Will and his friends stop her, Will and Layla kiss, and begin to date.

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