Layla Maloney is the (replacement) love interest of Sonny Koufax and the tritagonist of Adam Sandler's film Big Daddy (taking over for his ex-girlfriend Vanessa, who had dumped him for his laziness and bad attitude, and replaced him with an old man named Sid). She is the (possibly older) sister of Corinne Maloney, the girlfriend of Sonny's roommate Kevin Gerrity. After she is first met by Julian McGrath (the biological, illegitimate son of Kevin himself), who says he is lost, that's where she then meets Sonny (she had known his name from when they wasted the good surprise on him at a surprise farewell party, which was meant for Kevin). She and Sonny get along better than he did with Vanessa. She acts as a mother figure for Julian, and becomes Sonny's girlfriend. Approximately a year later, she is married to Sonny and has a biological baby. Joey Lauren Adams portrayed her.