Laura Powers was a love interest to Bart Simpson


Laura Powers and her newly-divorced mother moved into The Simpson's street after their previous neighbours (not the Flanders') moved out due to Homer's horrific behaviour. Laura is smart, witty, tomboyish and polite. She's attracted to tough guys or anyone old enough to grow a bad moustache.


Bart Simpson

Bart was immediately smitten with Laura, to the point where he refused to wash his hand when she spat in it. Due to their age difference, Bart goes out of his way to act more mature around Laura, such as channeling Hugh Hefner and learning to dance. Laura likes Bart, but only as a friend. When Laura told him that she was dating Jimbo, Bart was crushed.

Laura ultimately breaks up with Jimbo, which Bart's happy about. While Laura obviously doesn't end up returning Bart's feelings for her, she's flattered that Bart likes her and claims that she would definitely go out with him if he were the same age as her. The episode ends with Bart having Laura make prank calls on Moe Syzlak.

Jimbo Jones

Laura started dating Jimbo around the same time she started hanging out with Bart. Jimbo is, in Bart's words Just a good-looking rebel who plays by his own rules. When Bart convinces Moe Syzlak that Jimbo was the one prank-calling him, Moe comes after Jimbo with a knife, scaring the teenager to tears. Laura, seeing how pathetic he really was, dumps Jimbo.

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