Larry Hodini is the deuteragonist and love interest of Frances in Don't Look Under The Bed, she first saw him during a morning where she was going to school with her friend who didn't see him, believeing that Frances had imagination, but later she discover that Larry was in her home. Her parents heard her scream, but see nothing believe that she imagined things, then she discover that Larry Hodini is the imaginary friend of Darwin her little brother, with the time she get tired of it and tell her brother to stop thinking of Larry that he's not real.

So Darwin stop believe in him, and that's why the true nightmare begun, because of it Larry was about to turn to a boogey man, she realise her mistake after her little brother is kidnapped by The Boogey Man who was her ex imaginary friend and Larry was about to became one, but after Frances realised her mistake and tell her brother to believe again in Larry wich he does and Larry came back to his normal form, after the battle her imaginary friend Zoey became good again like Larry, but before leaving to fight other Boogey Man Larry and Frances kiss each other.

one night when Darwin is awake because of Larry who make him awake he go tell Frances if he can sleep with her, wich she allowed him to sleep with her, Larry and Zoey smile watching over them before leaving.


  • He's based on Harry Hodini a magician in the year of 1930
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