Lana Lang is the primary love interest for most of the television series Smallville, appearing from 2001 to 2008 (played by Kristin Kreuk).


Clark Kent

Lana is portrayed as the "girl next door" who Clark has loved his whole life. Her parents were killed by a meteor shower of the remnant of Krypton that rained down on Smallville and also brought the infant Clark. Lana wears a piece of the meteor that killed her parents, made of Kryptonite, around her neck, making Clark unable to get too close to her. This necklace only serves as a plot point for a short time.

She and Clark grow closer sophomore year, culminating in their becoming a couple. However, Clark becomes distraught over having inadvertently caused the death of his unborn sibling, and leaves Smallville. When he returns months later, still unable to tell her his secret, he tells her their relationship will "never work." The tension between them continues throughout the next year, until, largely to get away from it, Lana moves to Paris for the next year.

She and Clark eventually profess their love for each other, and are soon together again, although he still keeps his secret from her.

Freshman year of college (5th season), Clark and Lana are in a relationship, and lose their virgnity to each other. In the series' 100th episode, Clark reveals his secret and the two become engaged. Lex Luthor, who has been a friend to both over the series, deduces that she now knows about the secrets Clark keeps, something which he has been seeking for a long time. He pursues her in his car, and inadvertently causes her to crash and die. Clark travels back in time and prevents this from happening (thus causing the death, instead, of his own father). Deciding that telling her his secret is still too dangerous, he now continues to refuse to do so. With Lana frustrated with him still not being fully truthful, the relationship soon ends.

In season seven, after a brief stint of having to fake her own death, Lana returns to Smallville, and she and Clark embark on their third attempt at a relationship. This is strained when Lana unknowingly sleeps with a Kryptonian villain posing as Clark. Eventually, Lana leaves Smallville to pursue her own interests, but ultimately returns in the 8th season (now only a recurring character). Lex lays a death trap for Clark that ends with Lana having to absorb into her body a host of Kryptonite radiation. This makes Clark permanently incapable of being with Lana, and she leaves Smallville for good.

Despite this separation being forced on the two of them, Clark apparently does move on from Lana in his heart. An episode in a later season shows him finding a picture of her and peacefully putting it away, apparently symbolizing his finally being over her. He ends up marrying Lois Lane, who he describes as "the love of my life."

Whitney Fordman

Freshman year, Lana is dating senior quarterback Whitney Fordman, and barely knows Clark. She and Clark grow closer, and Whitney goes off to war at the end of the year. The beginning of the next year, Lana breaks up with him via a Dear John video letter.

Jason Teague

In Paris, Lana meets Jason Teague, and falls in love. She soon finds she has lost hours of her memory and has a tattoo now on her body resembling the symbols in Smallville's caves. This mystery brings her back to Smallville for senior year. She soon finds she has become part of a mystical quest to retrieve a number of stones from around the world to find a center of great knowledge (the Fortress of Solitude), and that Jason is truly evil and has been using her for this end.

Lex Luthor

In the 6th season, she begins dating Lex. She apparently becomes pregnant, and the two become engaged. She ends up seeing Clark demonstrate his powers, thus finally learning his secret. She plans to leave Lex, but his father Lionel blackmails her by threatening Clark's life into going through with the wedding. She suffers an apparent miscarriage, but soon learns that she was never pregnant. Lex faked her apparent pregnancy to get her to marry him. Realizing how evil Lex has become, Lana leaves him.

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