LaDawn is the babysitter of Stewie Griffin in 8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter.

She was the former love interest of Stewie which she had a boyfriend.


Stewie develops a crush on her upon seeing her and tries many times to make her fall for him, despite the fact that he is one year old and she is a young adult.

Stewie becomes devastated when he learns she has a boyfriend, Jeremy and disposes of him by locking him in the trunk of Brian's car.

This does not work out in Stewie's favor. When LaDawn becomes depressed due to Jeremy's absence, Stewie touches her breast in attempts to comfort her which results in her becoming angry and punishing him.

Wanting revenge, Stewie frames her by making it look like she held a party involving drugs and alcohol at the Griffin's house. Angry, Lois fires her and Stewie, regretting this setup, runs after her calling her name.

LaDawn is voiced by Joanna Garcia.

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