Krystal is a beautiful vixen with blue and white fur and the love interest of Fox McCloud from the Star Fox series. Fox first met her on his mission to save the planet, Sauria, and also contacted her staff in Star Fox Adventures. Fox gave Krystal back her staff and Fox was contacted by Krystal when he hears the echoes of her telepathic cries and Fox had to save her. After the Krazoa Spirits were returned to the palace, she was freed from her incarceration and Andross reveals himself having used the combined energy of the Krazoa. She attempts to shoot Andross down with her staff and Fox defeats Andross in his Arwing. Krystal then apologizes to him for her actions. Krystal joins the Star Fox team and she and Fox began a romantic relationship. In Star Fox: Assault, she became part of the team and took Peppy Hare's place, due to Peppy being too old to work as a wingman. She assists Fox to Katina. Panther has a crush on her and Fox protects her from Panther. In Star Fox Command, her relationship with Fox has elevated and becomes very rocky. She had to work for Star Wolf, but she realizes her acceptance with Panther is unnoticed and Krystal rejoins Star Fox. She became a bounty hunter and she chases the worst in the galaxy. She then runs into Fox on the planet, Kew. She sets up a welcome home celebration for Fox, Falco, Slippy and Peppy along with Katt, Amanda and Lucy and Krystal reconciles with Fox and the two began dating. They would eventually get married and then they had a son named Marcus McCloud.
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