Krista is the love interest of Conner McKnight from Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

Her Story

She is first seen in Reefside High School preparing to protect the tree. Conner first sees her and Ethan tells Conner that he is looking at the future Mrs. Conner McKnight. Conner walks up to Krista and tries to fake an interest in the tree that she is trying to save. After school, she has organized a huge protest over Principal Randall's plan to cut down the tree and put it in a parking lot and Devin is tied to a tree before he gets left behind and Conner saves her by using his super speed. Zeltrax arrives and changes the tree into the Deadwood Monster. Krista ends up getting kidnapped by Zeltrax and Conner tries to find her. Conner gains the new battlizer thanks to Dr. Tommy Oliver's advice by using the power of the dino gem. Conner saves Krista by using his stretch arms and Ethan, Kira, Dr. Oliver and Trent arrive just in time as Conner defeats the Tree monster, but Zeltrax escapes and Conner hopes that he returns. As the new tree is planted at Reefside, Conner apologizes to Krista for being a big jerk to her and Conner helps her plant the new tree at Reefside. After the final battle with Mesagog, Conner introduces Krista to Ethan and it is revealed that Conner is dating Krista at the prom as they are now a couple.