Kira Ford

Kira Ford is the love interest, girlfriend, and later wife of Trent from Power Rangers: Dino Thunder

Her Story

She is a musician and a tomboyish girl.

She first meets Trent while studying with Ethan at the cafe.

After Trent became the White Dino Ranger, she discovers that Trent is working with Mesagog and she, Conner, Ethan and Dr. Tommy Oliver battled Trent. She also discovered that Trent has a White Dino Gem and his drawings of the White Dino Ranger turned Trent into a monster. Trent explained to her that he was unable to help it and the gem had changed him. Trent promises her that he would never hurt anyone, including Kira. Kira decided to help Trent out by letting her friends, Conner and Ethan to help Trent.

Trent eventually turns the Gem energy and becomes good and joins the Dino Thunder rangers.

After the final battle with Mesagog, she later moves to New York and becomes a professional singer and Trent is presumably seeing her onstage showing that he cares about her and Kira cares about Trent.

She also teamed up with the SPD rangers to battle Gruumm and Zeltrax and appeared in Once A Ranger where she took place of the Operation Overdrive Rangers along with Adam, Tori, Bridge and Xander and teamed up with Ronny, the Yellow Overdrive Ranger against Miratrix and Kamdor.

She allowed the Sentinel Knight to destroy Thrax, and caused the other enemies to flee and went back to resume her relationship with Trent.

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