Kendall Perkins is the nemesis, and sometimes the love interest of Kick Buttowski. She is sometimes Kick's nemesis, and love interest similar to Catwoman. In three episodes:

Hand in Hand, her hand was stuck to Kick Buttowski's hand, and everybody think Kendall and Kick are boyfriend and girlfriend.

In Dancing with the Enemy, where they are paired as a dance group.

The third episode, Detained, is where Kendall begged about Kick being sent to the office. Her locker says a I heart KB before it got wiped by the janitor.

At times, Kick actually likes Kendall for her inner awesome personality like in Hand in Hand, and actually dreamed Kendall as a beautiful action-packed in his action dream in the episode Rocked.

  • In Roll Reversal, Kendall accidentally outdoes Kick in a motocross stunt without the moto, and gets praised, and she went along to playfuly teasing Kick and making him jealous with her exaggerated action of the moto. Kick dares Kendall to pick a challenge, she picks the roller-derby (which is girls only, which means Kick has to cross-dress). Later in the roller-derby, before Kick could finally beat her, Kendall stands in the way by kissing him.


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