Kelsey Winslow is the love interest of Chad Lee from Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue.

Her Story

She is a professional mountain climber and an excellent extreme sports enthusiast.

After she, Carter, Chad and Joel were called by Captain Mitchell, she, Carter, Chad, Joel and Dana were given Lightspeed Morphers as she becomes the Yellow Lightspeed Ranger.

Kelsey realizes it is a exciting thing of which she's ever heard.

She has the closest relationship with Chad.

She also shows romantic feelings for him as they are seen doing martial arts.

However, Chad once had a short relationship with Marina.

After Chad ended the relationship with Marina, he went back to Kelsey as Kelsey returns her feelings to Chad.

She went back to extreme sports after the final battle as she still shows romantic feelings for Chad.

In Power Rangers: Time Force, she teamed up alongside, Katie, the Yellow Time Force Ranger to battle Vypra once again.