Keiko Yukimura is the love interest of Yusuke Urameshi from YuYu Hakusho.  She is also Yusuke's childhood friend and the two became a couple.  After her revival and Yusuke's death in a car accident, Keiko proved to revive Yusuke.  She rescues Yusuke in a burning house.  She kisses Yusuke to revive him. She also appeared in the Spirit Detective Saga where she became the first of the Hiei's demon slaves.  In the Dark Tournament Saga, she, and her friends follow Yusuke and his team to the Dark Tournament after she finally discovers the truth.  In the Chapter Black saga, she continues to join Yusuke and his team to battle Sensui.  Keiko didn't believe the marrige proposal, but she still loves him so much and decided to wait for him.  At the end of the series, she kisses Yusuke.

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