Miyoshi Kaya (Anime)
Kaya Miyoshi is the love interest of Akito Takagi in Bakuman. She's Miho Azuki's best friend. Kaya used to practice martial arts in junior high, making her stronger than most girls; she also has a temper, which only gets worse when she's drunk. She became interested in Akito when she misunderstood something he told her as a love confession. She found herself in a love triangle with Akito's self-proclaimed girlfriend Aiko Iwase. Since she supports Akito's dream of becoming a mangaka, Akito goes along with Kaya's decision of becoming his girllfriend. She usually helps out Mashiro and Akito in inking the manga and generally maintaining a positive atmosphere in the studio. However, she sometimes wishes Akito would pay more attention to their relationship. Her relationship with Akito is put at risk when he begins to secretly meet with a female mangaka Ko Aoki to learn more about how to make good female characters without telling Kaya and Kaya thinks he's cheating on her when she finds a letter from Aiko.The whole mess becomes very serious when Kaya finds Akito comforting a distressed Aoki and Akito proposes to Kaya to show her he loves her and doesn't want her to think he would cheat on her ever again. They then get married.
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