Katherine Brewster in 2004

Katherine Brewster in Terminator 3

Hr Terminator Salvation 27

Katherine Brewster in Terminator Salvation

Katherine Brewster is the love interest and later the wife of John Connor from the Terminator franchise. She is played by Claire Danes in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Bryce Dallas Howard in Terminator Salvation. She first met met John Connor with whom she had previously attended school as she began a romantic relationship with John. She and John teamed up with a reprogramed T-850. She managed to escape a female Terminator called the T-X, which had been sent to the past to kill her. She was kidnapped along with John and the T-850. Kate discovers the truth of things to come of both Skynet and Judgement Day. She, John and the T-850 entered the Cyrstal Peak Control and Command Center. She and John were able to survive Judgment Day as the nuclear missiles fell. After the T-850 regains control, the T-X tries to destroy John and Kate. The T-850 allows John and Kate to escape before the T-850 destroys the T-X and himself. She and John entered the old fallout shelter for VIPs that predates John's birth as Kate returns her feelings to John at the end of the third film. In Terminator Salvation, she is now married to John and was one of the two medics in John Connor's unit prior to his promotion. She becomes pregnant during the film. After John is mortally wounded, she gives John a heart transplant surgery as Kate returns her feelings to John once again.

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